How to protect your laptop?

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However, keeping your laptop updated and damage free always comes with a huge cost, be it software updates, screen, keyboard or battery replacements etc.

Here are the top 7 ways that will help you protect your laptops with the ups and down associated with them & hence not make a hole in your pocket -

1. Get a Quality Laptop Bag: Always use a good quality laptop case or laptop bag when you carry a laptop in trains or moving about with your laptop. It helps to protect the laptop from damage and things falling on it. Prefer the one with good padding and pockets for storing USB pen drives and cords and DVD players, a power cord, and possibly a laptop lock.

2 Protect Your Laptop Exteriors with Laptop Skins:  Make your laptop look trendier and secure it from scratches, water, dust and even damages. Today, you will find wide variety of laptop skins available in amazing graphics, colours and sizes.

3 Protecting Your Screen: Make sure you always protect your laptop with a screen guard as it protect against scratches and other physical damage.  

4. Add a Laptop Security Lock: Keep Your Laptop protected with a laptop lock for instance-- you need to leave your laptop alone for any amount of time.  

5. Back up Your Data: When you travel with your make sure that you take all your data on your pen drive or hard disks because in case it’s replaced or damage you have the backup of all your data.

6. Cool it Down: If you use a laptop for long hours by keeping in your lap or bed, you must have noticed that it gets overheated. Thus overheating may cause your laptop processor, battery and hard drive to crash and it can even damage to your skin. For this you can simply try a Laptop Cooling table which helps to cool down the operating temperature of the laptop

7. Protect With an Antivirus: You can unintentionally contaminate your computer with a virus by clicking email attachments and links that are infected, visiting questionable websites, or inserting removable media such as USB sticks, CDs, DVDs into your system that is infected with a virus.