Reasons why your Laptop is running slow.

Laptop Repair Service in Mumbai

some common problems that you can fix yourself, Before you run to a technicion

   Corrupted or fragmented hard drive 
   Too many files on your drive
   Too many open windows
   Checking your ram
   Not enough ram
   Loads of temporary files
   Too many background programs consuming resource

 This is perhaps the commonest laptop problem that plagues users on a regular basis. Slow laptops are really  irritating.
 The hard drive is often the culprit in such cases. Delete all the unnecessary files from your machine. But don’t mess with the system files.

Virus and malware may also slow down your laptop. Update your antivirus and carry out a full scan of your system. 
A more serious issue could be motherboard malfunction.When that happens, you have to take your computer to the laptop repair company in Mumbai.

These are just some of the many things you can check to diagnose a slow laptop. Every laptop is unique, so it is important to read the manual for your specific model. 
These general tips can give you a good starting point and solution for common issues.

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